recessed lights

Adding Recessed Lighting to My Craft Room

recessed lights

What a difference a light makes!

Let's face it florescent shop lights are the worst!

Especially when you are working with fabric, or you know get migraine headaches from them. So the lights were the next on my list of things that needed to get changed out in the garage to be comfortable in my space. For this project I got a little help from my future hubby Steve. 

Steve is meticulous, he measures like four times and triple checks everything he does. It’s what made me want his help on this particular project. Because electrical is one thing you don’t want to mess up or half-ass, it will kill you or burn down your house. That being said, check your local permits before you try this project. See, this is a garage, nothing in this garage is really up to house code anyway

Measure it

measure line
We made sure we stayed straight by using this cord tacked to the ceiling.
using the template
Using the template from the light box we marked where each can would go.

This took longer than wiring the lights in. We wanted everything to be evenly spaced, look symmetrical and we couldn’t hit a stud or existing junction box. So once we had everything measured out and looking good it was time to cut the holes for the lights in the ceiling. 

Installing the light housing

This part was actually easy, you just cut where you had traced around the template and then put the housing through the hole making sure it clipped in place above the drywall ceiling. 

Cutting the hole with a drywall saw.
Cutting the hole with a drywall saw.
Pushing the housing into the hole.

Wire the lights into the circut

Both Steve and I have done our fair share of electrical work, so we are both very comfortable with knowing to pull the wire from and how to wire things into place. The hardest part is doing this in the attic crawl space. Steve only fit in the middle spot, I had to crawl down to the ends where the roof was lower and do those. Not many pictures from here because we just wanted out of there. As a note, the light we have up here is from a work light that we are running from our generator. The power is completely off for this part.

cutting romex
We cut the romex to the length we needed for each run.
Connect the wires
And then we wired the lights in.

Let there be (recessed) light!

recessed lights

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  1. Wow, I remember what it looked like before, what a change❤️ Love what you guys did. Great job and a nice job on the Blog also❤️

  2. Very nice job. You have put a lot of time and thought into this project. It looks wonderful.

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